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hope is all i needed to explore another day
10 May
"Call me old fashioned, but I still believe there's only one true god. And he lives in this lake. And his name is Zorgo."

30-something. Professional computer geek, dog mommy. A bit moody and complex. Taurus with Scorpio moon and Leo rising, for those who want to know. A lot of the rest you can extrapolate from my interests list.

Extrapolate is a big word, and so is pedantic. Feminism is not man-hating.

IT will not ruin my life. IT will not ruin my life. IT will not ruin my life.

By the way, if I've removed you from my friends list, it's probably because you've not been reading or posting for ages and I like to keep my list smallish. Also if you post but you don't seem to be reading my journal I may remove you. I like to keep things pretty symmetrical and I'm a somewhat private person. If you're not reading I don't see why removal would bother you anyway, but on occasion people have taken it personally. Generally it's not personal.

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